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“Sedmihlasek” is the name of a bird, which nicely sing (Icterine Warbler). This school choir was founded more than 15 yers ago by a music teacher, Hana Homerova, who has been leading the choir, together with her son, Vit Homer, who is also a music teacher.

Sedmihlasek Choir has about 80 members in three divisions. The concert Division includes nearly 30 children aged 10-18 years (mostly girls), and they rehearse regularly twice a week.

Their repertoire is large and diverse, from Medieval music and old folksongs to contemporary compositions and madrigals from all over the world. With frequent concerts in various places in Prague and outside,including churches and concert halls, and with 17 recordings and partipation in performances on TV, the choir has attained a good status among Prague school choirs. The choir has visited Poland, Norway, Austria, Spain, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland.